APEX Consulting is a small Dutch company focused on and passionate about Oracle Application Express (APEX). We deliver solutions, consulting and training. See the Services tab for more information.

APEX is a database centric rapid application development framework. The only thing you need to run an APEX application is a browser - and you can even develop using only a browser - and an Oracle database. With APEX you can declaratively build web applications for your desktop, for your mobile device or both - using responsive design. And just as the Oracle database, your application can be as secure and scalable as you need.

So why is this site not build in APEX, you might ask. Well, there's a sweet spot for everything. And although it is fairly easy to create an APEX application for a site like this, it would not be "database centric". So that's why I picked an easier approach.

There's a good tool for every purpose, and there's no tool that fits all purposes!